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As parents we strive to give our children the best.  But, what happens when the best is not enough?  What do you do when a gifted child is not thriving in his/her environment? 

As a mother of gifted children and with extensive knowledge of gifted overexcitabilities, I am able to help and give direction.


I successfully homeschooled my child and accelerated the next year.  I am able to save you hours of research in one appointment.  Topics of exploration include...

-achievement testing

-gifted curriculum

-different styles of homeschooling 

-intensity, perfectionism, and timed tests when trying to homeschool gifted


-social needs of the gifted

-extra-curricular ideas

-gifted on-line resources 

-IQ testing 

-Mensa membership

-creating an environment for study

-asynchronous development among the gifted


-existential depression



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